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City Earns Top ISO Rating; Could Benefit Insurance Coverage

Post Date:03/23/2017

The City of Fairfax has earned a rating of "1" for its Insurance Services Office Public Protection Classification, or ISO PPC, the highest rating available for the organization.

This rating, which goes into effect June 1, currently is assigned to less than 1 percent of jurisdictions nationwide and "represents an exemplary fire suppression program," according to the ISO report published today.

The insurance industry bases its fire insurance premiums on PPC ratings. Each insurance company independently determines the premiums it charges its policyholders; however, most U.S. insurers use PPC information to determine coverage or cost for personal or commercial property insurance. This could provide a financial or coverage benefit for insurance offered to residents and business owners.

In evaluating a locality, the ISO attributes its PPC score thusly:

  • 50 percent to the quality of the fire department
  • 40 percent to available water supply
  • 10 percent to dispatch capabilities

The city earned 93.07 points out of a total of 105.5 possible points, earning a nearly perfect score in dispatch capabilities and scores in the highest percentile for water supply and fire/emergency services. 

Rankings are reviewed every five years. Previously, the city earned a "3" classification, placing in the top 7.5 percent nationwide. Information: 703-385-7940.

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