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City of Fairfax Answers: Northfax Roadway Project — Evening Roadwork Begins 7/8

Post Date:07/06/2018

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As part of the ongoing Northfax project, eight stormwater pipe crossings were discovered to be in poor condition need to be replaced.

The eight segments of pipe are located along Fairfax Boulevard. The work to replace these pipes will start the night of July 8 and will take approximately six weeks to complete through mid-August.

Work will be done at night between the hours of 8/9 p.m. and 5 a.m. and will include lane shifts and traffic control, including police presence when necessary.


Q: Where is Northfax located?

A: This is a commercial area of the city located on Route 50/Fairfax Boulevard between Eaton Place and the east and west sides of Route 123/Chain Bridge Road.


Q: What is the purpose of this roadway project?

A: The goal is to increase capacity for cars and pedestrian mobility, reduce congestion by improving signal phasing and operation, improve traffic flow, lane alignments and reduce flooding in the intersection. We also want to boost safety in this corridor


Q: What exactly is being done? 


  • First, the project will widen Chain Bridge Road to six lanes between Fairfax Boulevard and Eaton Place.


  • It also will lengthen turn lanes to provide additional stacking for turning vehicles.


  • The project crew also is installing a box culvert from Chain Bridge Road to Eaton Place to help reduce roadway flooding. (By the way, a culvert is a tunnel under a roadway that carries a stream or open drain.) 


  • Improving walkability by installing new sidewalks along Chain Bridge Road and Fairfax Boulevard.


  • Boosting aesthetics by replacing the existing traffic signals (the so-called “span-wire signals”) with mast-arm signals.



Q: When will the project come to a close?

A: Most of the project will be wrapped up this winter (2018), pending any unforeseen delays.


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