Apply for the Challenge . . .

The Adopt-A-Spot program invites you to apply for the challenge of keeping a specific site in your community clean and tidy.

. . . And the Community Will Know Who to Thank

It can be a park or trail of your choosing or ours and it can be for any period of time that’s agreeable. But if you can keep your spot free of litter for as long as 2 years and recycle what you can, we’ll make sure the community knows who to thank. We’ll put up a sign with your name on it at that spot. A sign that indicates you care; a sign that’s fit to honor a neighborhood hero.

You Can Do It

You can be a lone adult or a member of a group; you can be a neighborhood business or one of the largest organizations in your community. All that is important is that you agree that litter is an eyesore and you want to do your part to help.

We Can Help

For our part, we’ll assist you in obtaining the work materials you’ll need  clean up your adopted spot. We can pick up your bags of trash when you are finished; just let us know when and where to pick it up. Just wear suitable clothes, so you’ll be comfortable.

Tips for Fun and Safety

  • If your spot is near a street, wear a bright orange safety vest and get noticed for all the right reasons.
  • Sure, this is a hands-on job, but not bare hands-on. Wear work gloves.
  • Work only in daylight hours and good weather to earn your place in the sun.
  • Wear sunscreen and insect repellent as necessary.
  • Wear boots if your spot is a stream or creek area, or wear appropriate protective shoes. Then you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward!

For more information, please contact Michael "Mac" Ryan at 703-385-7836 or