SpeedWatch Program

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The SpeedWatch Program plays a key role in the Police Department's traffic safety program. The program is comprised of two components: education and data collection, and citizen volunteers who conduct speed monitoring.

The SpeedWatch radar trailer, which can be seen throughout the City, uses an internal Radar unit that monitors the speed of all passing vehicles. The speed is displayed on a large LED message board to inform the driver of their actual speed. The system also counts the total number of vehicles that were monitored, computes the average speed at the location being monitored, and provides time of day information. The SpeedWatch Trailer can also be used without the LED speed display board to obtain baseline vehicle speeds and other traffic count data.

The data collected by the SpeedWatch Trailer is later transferred to a computer and printed out in a detailed report for analysis. The Police Department uses the monitoring information to pinpoint times and specific locations where speeding is a problem in order to schedule follow-up selective enforcement by officers.

While the SpeedWatch trailer is regularly scheduled at locations throughout the City, you or your civic association can request the Department to set up the SpeedWatch Trailer to check traffic at a specific location in your neighborhood. Associations may find this a valuable tool to accurately evaluate reported observations about traffic flow, volumes and speeding in the neighborhood.

For more information about the SpeedWatch Program, or to request the SpeedWatch Trailer at a location in your neighborhood, please contact Kevin Bowser at 703.279.7102 or email kevin.bowser@fairfaxva.gov.