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Hands-Only CPR Class

CPR: learn it now, and you'll have a chance to save a life.

The city is offering a free hand-only CPR class at 9 a.m. on June 29 in Fire Station 3.

Class enrollment is limited to 20 people; to register, please email or call 703-385-2835.

Most recent evidence has demonstrated that compressions are the most important component of CPR. There’s residual oxygen present in the body in the initial minutes after cardiac arrest, and efforts to circulate this blood as soon as possible is extremely beneficial in successfully resuscitating a patient. 

Additionally, many individuals are hesitant to perform mouth-to-mouth ventilations, which may deter someone from performing any resuscitative efforts. Hands-only CPR addresses this concern to ensure that at least compressions are provided to the patient.

This is particularly important: bystander CPR has been known to double or triple the potential of a positive outcome involving sudden cardiac arrest.

Read the article in the June 2019 Cityscene for more information.

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