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Deer Population Control Program

Post Date:01/23/2015 10:55 AM
***Community Bulletin***
January 22, 2015

Attention City Residents:

Deer Population Control Program

Wildlife specialists are scheduled to return to the city beginning on Monday, January 26, 2015. The second stage of the deer population control program includes an evaluation of the city’s current deer population and additional doe sterilization (as needed).

Last January, White Buffalo Inc. sterilized and tagged 18 does in the City of Fairfax. During this process, uniformed police officers assisted with the transportation of wildlife specialists throughout the city in order to locate the deer.

In the upcoming second stage, wildlife specialists will locate the deer using spotlight searches. Once located, the does are tranquilized and transported to Police Headquarters. The sterilization procedure takes place in a sterile and secure environment. Following the operation, the does are tagged and fitted with radio collars. Their recovery is then monitored for a period of time before being released back into their native habitat.

This program will take place at night and is expected to last one week, weather permitted. During the night time hours of operation, White Buffalo personnel will again be escorted by uniformed police officers, in marked police cruisers, in order to maintain the safety of the community.

Media Contact: Sergeant Natalie Hinesley, Public Information Office (703) 385-7925 or
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