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Massey Building Demolition Expected to Continue Through Spring 2020

Post Date:06/30/2019

Structural demolition work on the Massey Building tower, located in the heart of the City of Fairfax, was expected to commence on or about May 21, 2019. (The start date is weather-dependent.) All hazmat materials, including asbestos, will be certified to be removed from the Massey Building before demolition commences.

The demolition process and removal of debris from the site is scheduled to be completed before spring 2020, at which time the site will be stabilized and restored as a grassed area. Plans for future use of the site are currently being evaluated as part of a separate master planning study for the Massey Complex. This effort will provide a coordinated long-term plan to meet the needs of the complex stakeholders.

The county’s contractor will use high-reach processing machines to take the building apart in pieces and collecting and sorting the demolition debris at ground level. The contractor will recycle more than 90 percent of the demolition material. In the interest of safety, the demolition work and material collection/sorting must be performed during daylight hours.

There will be some noise and the contractor will deploy traffic controls within the court campus as necessary. Traffic flow is not expected to be impeded to the point of affecting county agency work or the ability of the public to access services at the Massey campus.

The Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services is managing this approved county project. Hazardous material abatement has been completed at the Massey Building, as well as the Massey Annex and Page Avenue buildings. Demolition of the Page Avenue building is complete, and demolition of the Massey Annex is in progress.

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