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City, Dominion Energy Review Power Outages; To Be Discussed at 10/1 Council Work Session

Post Date:09/12/2019

Residential communities along Old Lee Highway frequently experienced power outages this summer during storms – and on September 3, the city met with Dominion Energy representatives to discuss the matter.

At the meeting, City Manager Rob Stalzer and Public Works Director David Summers discussed improving service reliability along the Old Lee Highway corridor, where Country Club Hills, Old Lee Hills, Great Oaks, Lord Fairfax Estates, and other residential communities frequently lose power after storms year-round.

The city asked if regulatory requirements will allow overhead betterment (circuit improvements to power lines) to be done based on a request from the city; and if the city’s franchise agreement, which allows 200 circuit feet of undergrounding credit per year, could be applied to offset the cost of that work. Dominion Energy is researching these points.

Dominion Energy representatives will attend the October 1 work session to discuss the issue; review outage histories for the recent past; address questions and statements received by the Mayor, City Council, and city staff; and present possible action plans for reducing the number and duration of outages in the future.

The work session is open to the public, and begins at 7 p.m. October 1 in the City Hall Annex. The work session also will be televised live on Cityscreen-12 or online (click here to watch live). To watch the archived work session, click on “City Meetings” on the home page, or tune into Cityscreen-12 (click here for the program schedule).

Please remember that at City Council work sessions, there is no citizen comment.

Information: 703-385-7850, email

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