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Possible Changes May Arise in City Glass Recycling; Curbside Collection Continues

Post Date:10/04/2019

The region is facing challenges with recycling glass.  Due to these challenges, city residents may see a reduction in glass recycling throughout the region. Some jurisdictions, such as Fairfax County and Arlington County, have stopped accepting glass in their curbside recycling collection bins (and set up purple glass recycling containers for glass drop-off).

What does this mean for city residents?

  • Residents who receive recycling services from third-party vendors should follow the vendor's directions.
  • Residents who receive curbside recycling services from the city government should continue to place glass in their curbside containers until instructed otherwise.
  • Residents also may take their glass recycling materials to the "purple containers" at various locations in Fairfax County: click here to visit the Fairfax County website for more information:
  • At this time:
    • consider re-using glass containers as much as possible
    • seek alternative options to purchasing "temporary use" glass containers as a consumer

The city is working with its vendors and regional partners to find a long-term solution to glass recycling. The city is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship, and will make all efforts to continue to recycle as many materials as possible. We appreciate your efforts and will keep the community informed as this issue is resolved.

Information: email, 703-385-7837