Code Administration Office

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Assistant Chief for Code Administration - serves as Building Official, Fire Marshal and Property Maintenance Code Official

New Construction Section - One Plans Examiner and four Building Inspectors

Review plans, issue permits and conduct inspections of commercial and residential construction, including new structures, additions, remodeling and major repairs.

Construction code is set at state level and cannot be modified to be either more or less strict. Fees charged are set by City Council. Fee is 11 cents per square foot for residential construction and additions, 16 cents per square foot for commercial construction, $90 plus 1% of cost over $1,000 for remodeling

Fire Prevention Section - Two Assistant Fire Marshals

Conduct inspections for compliance with Statewide Fire Prevention Code, inspect fire protection features (sprinkler and fire alarm systems) at time of installation and for maintenance, conduct investigations of fires occurring within the city and conduct regular inspections of the petroleum terminal complex. Also provide public education on fire safety and use of fire extinguishers.

Statewide Fire Prevention Code is set at state level, can be modified at local level to be more strict, but cannot be modified in a way that affects the materials and methods of construction regulated by the building code. The scope of the fire prevention code is primarily limited to commercial and industrial facilities and the common areas of multi-family dwellings.

Property Maintenance Section - One Property Maintenance Inspector

Program funded by City Council in October 1997. Inspector hired in November 1997 and began training and program development. Enforcement of the property maintenance code by localities is optional, however, the Building Official must investigate complaints by tenants regarding the structure they occupy.

Responds to complaints, conducts pro-active inspections and neighborhood surveys, conducts inspections and manages rental occupancy permits, inspects blighted properties and works with owners and civic associations to resolve problems. Also makes referrals to other agencies regarding possible violations of other ordinances.

Property maintenance provisions are referenced by the building code. The sections of the BOCA Property Maintenance Code that do not relate to a structure cannot be enforced in this manner. City Code has sections that relate to exterior items such as grass, weeds, vehicles etc. To the extent that time permits, Code Administration staff will cite these violations and/or make referrals to the enforcing agency.

Council has provided funding to allow the city to make repairs that the owner is unable to afford. Money expended will be secured by a lien on the property. This will prevent the forced vacation of certain properties and will assist in preserving structures.