Community Development & Planning Information Pertaining to COVID-19

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As of June 8, 2020, City Hall is re-opening to members of the public by appointment (additional information is available on the City's main COVID-19 page).

Our services will continue to be offered virtually, and we encourage our customers to interact with us that way.

In-person appointments will be offered, as needed if unable to be completed virtually, for filing: sign permits, zoning permits, tree removal permits, and temporary use permits.  Additional information is provided below.  

The following services will continue to be offered only virtually: applications to the Fairfax Renassiance Housing Corporation, applications for Administrative Approvals, Appeals, Development Review, and Floodplain Permits.  Additional information is provided below.    

Appointments must be made at least one working day in advance.  To schedule an appointment, or for other questions or general inquiries, please call 703-385-7820 or send a message to



Sending materials to our office:

Please be advised that you can submit these applications and associated materials to CD&P without having to visit City Hall.  Options for getting your documents to City Hall: 

  • Download an application, fill it out, and send it along with any other attachments to:  City staff will reply to you with an invoice that you can use to pay the application fee. 
    • To pay the application fee to the City Treasurer, you can pay online, by mobile app, or by calling 1-866-480-8552 (online or mobile app are recommended for faster service).
      • When paying online, please enter the invoice number and the accounting code on your invoice into the "Purpose of Payment" box. 
      • To pay with the mobile app, go to the App Store or Google Play and search for "PayGov Mobile."  In the app, select "Make a Payment" and enter the City of Fairfax Payment Location Code (PLC):  34530.  Please enter the invoice number and the accounting code on your invoice into the "Purpose of Payment" box.
      • When paying by phone, tell the representative that you are paying for a permit, and provide the invoice number and accounting code on your invoice.
  • Download an application, fill it out, and mail it along with a check (for the application fee) and any other attachments to:  Community Development & Planning, 10455 Armstrong Street, Fairfax VA 22030

If you have questions about these options or application fees, please contact CD&P staff at 703-385-7820.

If you are trying to coordinate your application submission to CD&P with an application to Code Administration, please check Code Administration's COVID-19 procedures here

If you are already working with a member of the CD&P staff, please refer to the staff directory to find staff e-mail addresses. Please be advised that most staff are working remotely, so e-mail is the preferred communication method. If using e-mail presents a challenge, please feel free to call 703-385-7820 and we can assist you in contacting other members of our staff.  





These procedures apply to applications for Administrative Approvals, Appeals, Development Review, and Floodplain Permits.  For applicants prepared to submit plans, please note changes to our plan intake and review process:

Pre application meetings:

  • At this time, a pre-application meetings must occur via conference call. If you have not already satisfied the requirement for a pre-app meeting with staff, you may contact staff and request a conference call in lieu (please call 703-385-7820 or send a message to
  • Prior to pre-app meetings, be sure to provide all relevant discussion materials, and your questions in writing to the staff member coordinating your application.
  • After staff has assessed your development proposal, he/she will inform you of submission requirements.

Application Submission:

  • At this time, we are asking that all submittals (applications, plans, etc.) be provided electronically to the staff member coordinating your application, via email or link to downloadable version. Please note, emails larger than 10 MB will cannot be received by our staff.
    • Most application forms can be found on the Applications for Download webpage.
    • Paper copies are still required, staff coordinate a schedule meeting for submission or hard documents.
  • Staff will perform an initial completeness report, before routing submission for review by all departments/staff. Missing or incorrect submittals must be correct before submissions will be deemed accepted.
  • Upon acceptance, staff will provide a formal invoice to you and/or your agent for payment of fees. This invoice will also include instructions on how to pay over the phone.


  • Staff will complete review and provide comments for each submission via email to the applicant/engineer.
  • Each resubmission should follow the submission procedure outlined above.
  • The feasibility of post-submission meetings may be determined by the staff member coordinating you application. Meetings will be handled a conference calls.
  • Prior to signature submission, staff will inform you of how to submit signature plans and record documents in the land records (as needed).


  • Upon approval, staff will prepare signed plans for release and coordinate transmission back to you.



In response to the challenges our local business community is facing with impacts from the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the City of Fairfax will be allowing greater flexibility in the size and placement of temporary signage to allow businesses to communicate changes in their operations to customers, as well as extending the period of time that businesses can conduct temporary outdoor sales events as some businesses may choose to meet their customers outside of a building for pick-up service, etc..

The provisions for “announcement signs,” as described in Section 4.6.12.B of the Zoning Ordinance, are modified as follows:

- Maximum square footage for the total amount of signage is increased from 32 to 64 square feet

- Signs may be located on a building, but may also be located elsewhere on the property provided they do not obstruct visibility for safe entry and exit from the property

- Signs utilizing these flexible provisions may remain in place concurrent with the City’s Declaration of Local Emergency (which is in effect through June 10, 2020 unless sooner rescinded or otherwise modified)

- The application and fee has been waived for these temporary signs for duration of the City’s Declaration of Local Emergency

The provisions for “retail sales events and promotions,” as described in Section 3.5.6.C.1(b) of the Zoning Ordinance, are modified as follows:

- Outdoor sales events may be conducted concurrently with the City’s Declaration of Local Emergency (which is in effect through June 10, 2020 unless sooner rescinded or otherwise modified).

- Signs associated with the outdoor sales event should comply with the announcement sign provisions described above

-  No application or fee is required for these temporary outdoor sales events

For more information please call 703-385-7820.