Fairfax Shopping Center aka "Point 50" (10343 - 10412 Fairfax Blvd)

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10343 - 10412 Fairfax Blvd

Project Updates

  • Under construction
  • Site plan approved.
  • City Council approved the project on July 11, 2017.
fairfax shopping center aka regency


Proposal to replace the existing approximately 68,000 square foot shopping center with 48,199 square feet of retail space, including a grocery store under 30,000 square feet and 18,000 square feet of additional retail/restaurant space. 


Special Exceptions to:

  1. Allow a sidewalk that does not meet the minimum width required.
  2. Allow property street frontages without a 10 foot wide landscape strip or street trees where required.
  3. Reduce the minimum width of parking islands from eight feet to six feet.
  4. Provide no parking lot perimeter landscaping in certain areas.
  5. Reduce the minimum front yard with from 20 feet to 15 feet.

Waiver to be authorized by the Director of Public Works to allow a sidewalk without a minimum 3 foot wide buffer along a collector street as required by the Public Facilities Manual.

Appeal to a determination by the Zoning Administrator that a variance or modification cannot be granted to allow a sidewalk width that does not meet the minimum requirements

Final Approved Plans & Resolution

Public Meetings

Jul 11, 2017  City Council public hearing and approval view PDF  watch video 
Jul 5, 2017  Board of Architectural Review hearing and approval  view PDF
Sept 27, 2016   City Council Work Session  view PDF  


Regency Centers


Nancy Cranmer, Deputy Zoning Administrator - Plan Reviews