Old Town Streetscape Plan & Standards and Main Street Streetscape Design

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The Old Town Streetscape Plan and Standards will provide an overall conceptual level streetscape plan for the Old Town Fairfax Historic Overlay District (and rights-of-way adjacent to the district’s borders) and develop new standards/consolidate current policies and practices into a comprehensive document for streetscape improvements in this portion of the City of Fairfax.  The conceptual plan will guide future capital projects in the area’s rights-of-way and the standards will provide inputs into the City’s Public Facilities Manual.  The standards will address which streetscape features should be extended into the Old Town Fairfax Transition Overlay District.  The Main Street Streetscape Design will expand on the concept plan and incorporate the standards through the preparation of a 30% design for a three-block section of Main Street.

For more information and for questions, contact Supriya Chewle with the Department of Community Development and Planning. Supriya.Chewle@fairfaxva.gov 703-385-7932

 Meetings Date AgendaS PresentationS Minutes Other documents
 City Council Public Hearing 07/09/2019        Staff Report 
 City Council Work Session 06/25/2019    Presentation    Staff Report
 Community Meeting 4  06/07/2019   Site Visit    
Community Meeting 3 05/13/2019  Agenda  Presentation     
Community Meeting 2 11/30/2019    Presentation     
 City Council Work Session  01/22/2019   Presentation    Staff Report 
Advisory Committee

Meeting 5

 11/29/2018  Agenda  Presentation   None 
Advisory Committee

Meeting 4

09/27/2018  Agenda   Presentation Minutes  Questionnaire 
Community Meeting 1  08/02/2018        

Advisory Committee

Meeting 3

06/19/18  Agenda  Presentation Minutes  None 
Advisory Committee Meeting 2 05/10/18 Agenda Presentation Minutes  None 

Advisory Committee

Meeting 1

04/02/18  Agenda Presentation Minutes  None

The advisory committee is composed of City staff, board and commission members, members of the Economic Development Authority, as well as downtown business/property owners. The group is anticipated to meet five times throughout the process to provide feedback to staff and the consultant team as the document is developed and edited.   

 Draft Old Town Fairfax Historic Overlay District Streetscape Standards.