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Keith & Melinda Ardinger - 10621 Oliver Street

This 1940 Cape Cod has undergone several renovations over the years. The most recent work, and the most dramatic, has been undertaken by its current owners, Keith & Melinda Ardinger. This house went from being a modest two bedroom, one and a half bathroom house to a spacious four bedroom, three and a half bathroom house with a two-car garage. Other work done includes the addition of a family room, sitting room, television room, deck and screened-in porch, a home office over the garage, and an updated kitchen. Over 1,500 square feet of living space was added to this house.

Before                                                 After

                Before                               After            

A designer drew up the renovations plans and Mr. Ardinger (a general contractor) carried out the work. See pics below: 

Back of the House                                          Kitchen

       Back                                 Kitchen  


      Family Room                                          Bedroom

          Family                              Bedroom

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