Old Town Visioning Committee

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The Old Town Visioning Committee was formed in accordance with Resolution No. R-19-01, Resolution to Approve the Establishment of a Downtown Visioning Committee and consists of representatives from the business community, community associations, George Mason University, and government and committee members from both the City and Fairfax County. Over a four- to six-month timeframe, committee members will review and summarize guidance from both existing plans and studies and from new data sources (including the Old Town Fact Book) in order to identify a vision and prioritize high-level goals for development and investment in Old Town Fairfax. The committee’s work will ultimately be considered and adopted by the Mayor and City Council and will inform the work of the Old Town Fairfax Small Area Plan Committee, who will expound upon the committee’s work in greater detail.

For more information and questions, contact Lyndsey Clouatre with the Department of Community Development and Planning at or (703) 385-7805.


 Meeting Date  Location  Agenda   Presentation   Other Documents
May 30, 2019

Work Session Room, City Hall

Agenda Presentation

Old Town Development Policy Guidance Map

Key Recommendations for Old Town Fairfax

2035 Comprehensive Plan

Vision Fairfax Mason Report

Fairfax 2020 Commission Report

City of Fairfax Old Town Fairfax Revitalization Plan

City of Fairfax Design Guidelines

Themes from Committee Interviews

Committee Agreements

Making the Committee a Positive Experience

Critical Concepts for Success

June 13, 2019 Historic Blenheim Agenda
Meeting Notes
June 27, 2019 Historic Blenheim
Meeting Notes
July 11, 2019 Old Town Hall Agenda Presentation Meeting Notes
July 25, 2019 Old Town Hall Agenda
Meeting Notes
August 1, 2019 Historic Blenheim Agenda   Meeting Notes
September 5, 2019 Sherwood Center Agenda
Meeting Notes
September 26, 2019 Old Town Hall Agenda   Meeting Notes
November 7, 2019 Sherwood Center Agenda Old Town Visioning Committee Draft Report  
December 10, 2019 (City Council Presentation) Work Session Room, City Hall   Old Town Visioning Committee Final Report Video