Social and Civic Network Property Study

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 Social & Civic Network Properties 06 25 2020_further study

On February 10, 2020, Planning Staff held a work session with the Planning Commission to discuss a study of additional parcel specific recommendations for certain properties designated under the Social and Civic Network place type in the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. Staff initially identified eight properties for consideration based on characteristics such as the properties' locations, environmental features, having expressed interested in redevelopment, and proximity to Activity Centers and potential impacts from Small Area Plans; however, these properties are subject to change.

Staff is currently engaging in outreach to the property owners or representatives for each of the properties in the map above. If, based on conversations with the property owners or representatives, Staff determines that the property owners' or representatives' plans may warrant developing a parcel specific recommendation, Staff will then contact local neighborhood associations, if appropriate, to share this information and receive input on potential alternative uses, as well as engage in further analyses to develop recommendations. The final recommendations of this study will provide language for each property (or group of properties) to be considered for inclusion in the Parcel Specific Recommendations section of the Comprehensive Plan.

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