Sustainable Landscaping

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Watershed-Friendly Gardening & Lawn Care

A Virginian’s Year-Round Guide to Yard Care
A Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation publication on tips and techniques for healthy lawns and gardens.

Tips on Keeping Your Lawn Green and the Bay Clean
A Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation brochure about green lawn care.

Native Plants

Using native plants that suit your local conditions, can reduce or eliminate the need for fertilizers, pesticides and watering. This saves time and money. Native plants also provide food and cover for local wildlife like butterflies, birds, frogs, turtle and small mammals.

Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping: Chesapeake Bay Watershed
A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service publication about native plant with images and a lot of detail on plant characteristics.   

Native Plants for Conservation, Restoration and Landscaping
A Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation website includes several native plant lists.