Residential Emergency Access Program

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The City of Fairfax Fire Department encourages the use of residential emergency key boxes to help us gain access to your loved ones in the case of an emergency. Our department currently authorizes and endorses the Residential Knox Box System. 

 Residential Knox Box System

What is a Residential Knox Box System?

It’s a high-security box system, designed to securely hold your home’s keys. This gives City of Fairfax Fire Department members immediate access to your locked residence in the event of an emergency.

Why do you need a Residential Knox Box?

During an emergency, such a heart attack or stroke, the Fire Department cannot always wait for a key holder to arrive to unlock a door. In the past, if the Fire Department needed to make entry, we would have to force our way through a locked door or window. This often created costly damage to the home. Furthermore, when the emergency situation was remedied, the home was very difficult to secure. With a Residential Knox Box, Firefighters are able to make efficient, safe access to your home. After the emergency is over, the keys can be locked back in the Knox Box and the residence re-secured. This results in a quick entry, no damage, and a secured home!

How secure is the key to the Knox Box?

This system is very secure. Only the City of Fairfax Fire Department and County of Fairfax Fire Department has the keys to open the Knox Box. These keys are secured in a vault of their own, located on department vehicles and accounted for daily. This program is modeled after the very successful and secure commercial Knox Box program.

How do I get a Residential Knox Box?

Our department has a limited supply of residential Knox boxes that can be issues to citizens of the City of Fairfax on a temporary basis upon request. 

Additionally, Residential Knox Boxes can be purchased directly from the company from their website. However, please notify our department of installation of a residential key box at your residence, so we can ensure our dispatch information is updated.

Purchase a Residential Knox Box


Please contact the City of Fairfax Fire Department - Office of Code Administration at   (703) 385-7830 to learn more about or request a Residential Knox Box.