File of Life Program

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Imagine that you are injured or suffer from a medical condition that temporarily renders you unconscious or unable to communicate effectively with paramedics. Without important information about your medical history, how will paramedics be able to quickly diagnose your condition and provide emergency care? 

This is why the City of Fairfax Fire Department proudly endorses and provides The File of Life program for our community. 

The File of Life is a red, magnetic packet that contains vitally important medical information about you. The File of Life packet enables our personnel to obtain a quick and accurate medical history when a patient or family member is unable to provide one. The File of Life also provides an area to list contact information for your doctor, family members, insurance information and any other special circumstances that rescue personnel should know in caring for you. FREE File of Life packets are available upon request to all residents of the City of Fairfax.


You can obtain a File of Life form/packet by any of the following options: calling our offices at (703) 385-2835, stopping by any of our fire department facilities, or by downloading the form with the link below. 

File of Life

If you live in Fairfax County, VA please contact the Fire Station nearest to your home address: If you are unable to reach your nearest Fire Station, please contact the Fairfax County Public Affairs and Life Safety Education office at 703-246-3801 or TTY 711