Mental Health and Human Services

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Our department is committed to creating a healthy community and we believe this extends beyond just providing emergency medical care. A healthy, prepared community needs to not only be physically healthy, but also mentally healthy. 

Mental health is an important facet which is far too often overlooked. We have trained all our providers in mental health awareness to help them better identify mental health related issues that may be affecting our patients and get them connected with the resources they need.


Our providers work with our receiving hospitals, partner agencies, and the City of Fairfax Human Services Director, Ms. Lesley Abashian, to ensure that our citizens get the best services available.  


A comprehensive array of direct social services  provided to City residents through various agencies under contract to the City of Fairfax. Nearly all of these contracts are with the Fairfax County Department of Family Services.

If you have having an emergent mental health crisis,
call 911 so immediate help can be sent to you.


If you are in a non-emergency situation and would like further assistance with mental health and human services, please reach out to one of the following agencies for assistance:

For City residents, City of Fairfax Human Services department

For County residents, Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board

For George Mason University Students, Student Support and Advocacy Center