General District Court - Police Citations

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Through a partnership with the Supreme Court of Virginia and VIPNet City of Fairfax General District Court offers on-line payment for many prepayable offenses. This service is available to the public at $1.50 cost. However, not all offenses listed can be paid online.

After you have read and understand the information below, please follow the link at the end of this section to begin the payment process. If you wish to pay in person or by check, see General District Court web page.

Please Note: If you pay online, your credit card payment will be considered an admission of guilt and a waiver of your hearing.

When to Pay Online
Allow 10 to 14 calendar days, from the date you received the citation, for the Clerk's Office to receive and enter the information into the Virginia Courts Case Information System.

If your case is not in the system within five business days prior to your court date, contact the General District Court by phone at 703.385.7866.

Payments made prior to 4 pm (EST) will be posted by the start of the next business day. Payments made after 4 pm (EST) will be posted within two business days.

Method of Payment
Mastercard® and Visa® are accepted for online payments.

At the conclusion of your payment transaction, a payment receipt will be displayed. Print and keep the receipt as your record of payment. Instructions

  1. Go to State's site
  2. Scroll down and click on "General District Court Case Information"
  3. From the pull down menu, choose: Fairfax City General District (Prepayable) and click "Begin".
  4. Follow the instructions to retrieve your case. Only certain offenses may be prepaid online. Prepayable offenses are designated by a Add box in the "Pay" column on Search Results page. If you do not see a Add box next to your case, you will be unable to pay online.