Fairfax History Day 2018 Participants

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General 19th-Century Presenters

Susan Kelley, The School Marm

Adele Air,  Laundress

Robert Szabo – Photographer

Lauren Muney, Sihouettist and Phrenologist

Ron Beavers, "Railroads and Transportation"

Karen Lewis, "Women's Needlework"

Jon Vrana, as farmer Albert Willcoxon

Marion Dobbins –-Slave life and African-American Foodways  

Women of the Civil War Era--  African-Americans moving West

Michael Mescher – 19th-century children’s and parlor games

Waterford Weavers- Barbara Fornoff and Anna Hayoz – weaving and spinning demonstrations

T. H. Clothiers – Seamstresses Sarah Cooper & Rachel Anderson –19th-century clothing (display and items for sale)

Jeff Dunkleberger – Blacksmith

Dean Howarth – c. 1805 Naturalist

John and Emily Murphy: mid-19th c. attorney and wife

Mr. Raugh – Tavern keeper

Frying Pan Park—Dairy farming in Fairfax County--cow milking activity


War of 1812 

60th Virginia Militia- War of 1812


Civil War 

17th   Virginia Infantry, Co. D,  “Fairfax Rifles”

49th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Co. A-K

42nd Virginia Infantry, Co. I   

Beverly Pelcher: Union Nurse Marilla Hovey

Rex Hovey—Surgeon Bleeker Lansing Hovey, 136th New York Infantry

Sue Sodomin  - Clara Barton and assistant

7th Maryland Infantry,  U.S.A. Co, A

2nd Rhode Island Volunteers, Co. F

Patrick O’Neill, Gen. John Caldwell, 1st Division, II Corps U.S.A.

28th Massachusetts, Volunteer Infantry,  Co. B, “Irish Brigade”

Sudley Methodist Church Storytellers – “Benson-Rice Story: A Story of Reconciliation”


Music and Dance

Jubilee Voices –  Spirituals    

Roustabout String Band –  String band music

The 8th GM Division Band– Brass band music

Arlington House Victorian Dance Society- Dancing



Fairfax County Circuit Court Records– “Happenings in Our Courthouse Town

Debbie Robison – “History of Little River Turnpike”

Wes Boutchard –“An Encounter Between a Slave and an Abolitionist at the Willcoxon Hotel, May 1857

John Murphy – "An Attorney in Fairfax Court House”

Jon Vrana – "Farming in 19th-Century Fairfax"

Rev. Johnson – "History of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church"

Jeff Clark-  "The Birth of Public Education in Fairfax County"


Display in Civil War Interpretive Center

Fairfax County Circuit Court Archives- early court house records

Lee Hubbard – Photographs of 19th-century Fairfax buildings