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Public Art The Dancer

"The Dancer" (2016) Chris Erny

Call for Art

The City of Fairfax Public Art Program announces a Call for Artists’ designs to transform select traffic signal cabinets in Fairfax into public artworks.  Artist designs will be printed on vinyl and wrapped around city-maintained signal box cabinets in The City of Fairfax.

Read the full Call for Artists here.

About City of Fairfax Public Art Program

An overarching goal for the City of Fairfax is to develop a distinctive sense of place, both physically and culturally.  To that end, the City must mix its diverse and attractive physical spaces with rich and varied cultural and educational experiences.  This goal can be achieved in part by promoting a robust public art program.  Through such a program, the City will be able to maintain, foster, and enhance its unique character.  Public art will help attract new residents and businesses.

Public art and architecture can serve as a cultural gateway to the City, enlivening its streetscapes while increasing its local and national identity as a residential, historical, and economic destination. Well-placed works of art help introduce the City to those who visit it and its businesses.  Public art serves as a marker for a particular business, intersection, street, or building.  For Fairfax residents, art adds to their quality of life as they go about their daily routines. 

For businesses looking for a place to locate, public art tells them that the City promotes a high level of sophistication, which attracts the types of individuals with whom it would be profitable to do business. Thus public art stimulates economic growth.  It is a good investment for the City, and has relatively low overhead and staffing costs.

Public art helps carry out the mandate for the City’s Commission on the Arts “to encourage, promote and to provide opportunity for artistic expression within our City.” To this end the City Council in 1992 passed Resolution No. R-92-43, which states that the mission of the Commission on the Arts should be to serve as:                 

  1. “An arts facilitator, creating liaisons with and providing support to arts organizations”
  2. “An arts steward by fostering the development and enjoyment of the arts in our community”           
  3. “An arts funds administrator, receiving and allocating City funds and funds from other sources   for purposes of artistic encouragement ”

  4. “An information clearing house on artistic activity within and  around the City of Fairfax.”

Please Click here for the Public Art Policy and Guidelines