Public Art Locations

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Artist Title  Year                     Location                      
 Anton Buytendijk  Landscape Beneath Sea Level  1979  3rd Floor - City Hall
 Anton Buytendijk  Autumn in the Lake District  1979  3rd Floor - City Hall
 Won Joo Leonard  St. Thomas  1988  Parks and Recreation
 G.M. Dodd  Rosey Succeulent  1988  2nd Floor - City Hall
 Marvel Adams  Waterlily  1988  3rd Floor Hallway - City Hall
 Strickland  Williamsburg l  1989  City Manager's Office
 Ivan Chermayeff  Innocent Japanese Person  1989  Storage
 B.C. Ryan  Grapes of Joy  1990  1st Floor - City Hall
 Melinda Harleman  Jelly Bean Dish  1990  3rd Floor - City Hall
 Marie S. Addi  Roses  1990  2nd Floor - City Hall
 Peggy Hill  Thaw  1991  1st Floor- City Hall
 Bill Kreykenbohm  Miss Liberty  1991  Community Relations Office - City Hall
 David Gillenwater  Houses on Hill  1991  City Manager's Office - City Hall
 Marie S. Addi  Carmen in Straw Hat  1992  Storage
 Wolfgang Schuler    1991  City Manager's Office - City Hall
 Jung Lea Smith  Jefferson Memorial  1992  Storage
 B.C Ryan  Underwater Magic  1993  1st Floor - City Hall
 Marian Stork  Tug o' War  1993  Storage
 Don Conard  Iron Horse  1993  Storage
 David Gillenwater  Yesterday's Chairs  1994  City Manager's Office - City Hall
 Vaughn L. Jackson  Taos Pueblo  1995  3rd Floor - City Hall
 Kamcheng  Malaysian Pottery    Parks & Recreation
 Larry Morris  The Cyclist  2016  Outside - City Hall
 Chris Erny  The Dancer  2016  Outside - Stacy C. Sherwood Community Center
 Adam Lister  Alice in Wonderland  2016  Entry - Stacy C. Sherwood Community Center