Park Rules

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The City of Fairfax is fortunate to have 279 acres in public parklands and over 21 miles of trails for the enjoyment of all. The day-to-day responsibility for having beautiful parks that provide amazing experiences for individuals and groups that visit them is not only the City and the Parks and Recreation Department's responsibility but each person's responsibility. We encourage all of our patrons to always be considerate of other people and careful to protect the natural environment and recreation facilities.

In order to assist citizens in maintaining a safe and beautiful park system, the City Council has established the following rules. Officials in the Police and Parks and Recreation Department are authorized and given the specific duty of assisting the public in protecting the beauty and peace of our parklands by enforcing these rules.

Parks Definition

Parks are defined as designated parks and open space properties owned and maintained by the City of Fairfax. Parks include all facilities and amenities within the specific property site boundaries to include but not limited to, athletic fields, courts, playgrounds, skate parks, trails, open areas, pavilions, site equipment, etc.

Park Hours

Parks are open from Sunrise to Sunset unless authorized as a condition of a Special Use Permit or approved by City Manager or his/her designee.

General Parks and Facility Rules

General Parks and Facility Rules govern all parks, open space and all facilities and amenities within the specific property site boundaries.
  1. Activities conducted by the users of facilities must be orderly and lawful, and not of a nature to incite others to disorder.
  2. No person shall fail or refuse to obey any lawful order of an authorized City employee.
  3. Persons shall comply with all officially posted signs.
  4. Persons entering or remaining on park property when the park is closed shall be considered trespassing.
  5. No person shall illegally gamble in a park.
  6. The possession, use or discharge or any fireworks, firecrackers or explosive of any kind by any person is prohibited, with exception of CO rockets. Any person launching a CO rocket will be responsible for ensuring its safe and proper operation.
  7. No person shall abuse, deface, damage or remove any City property located in a park.
  8. No person shall use abusive, threatening or profane language in the park.
  9. All litter and garbage must be placed in the trash receptacles or if such trash receptacles are full, park patrons are responsible for removing all trash to a proper trash receptacle. No litter or garbage shall be deposited in the park except in the proper trash receptacles.
  10. No person shall camp in any manner in a park or open space without permission of the Parks and Recreation Department.
  11. All devices that produce sound must be in accordance with Section 38-1 or the Fairfax City Code.
  12. Possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  13. Dog Owners must comply with City leash laws.
  14. All animals are prohibited from athletic fields, courts, playground area, playground equipment and Skate Park.
  15. No animal excrement or fecal matter shall be left or deposited in any park except in a proper trash or dog fecal matter receptacle. If none is available, the animal owner must carrier it out with them.
  16. No person shall promote, sell, rent or trade goods or services for profit or otherwise in a park unless they have been granted written permission by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  17. Begging or soliciting park users for money, food or other things of value are prohibited.
  18. Urinating or defecating on any park property except in permanent or portable bathroom structures is prohibited.
  19. The City is not responsible for any property that is damaged, destroyed or lost.
  20. All unattended property is presumed to be abandoned and may be removed and/or destroyed by the City.
  21. Horses are prohibited in the parks or on the trails unless authorized by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  22. Golfing is prohibited.
  23. Organized league play or lessons in any park is prohibited unless authorized by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  24. The traffic ordinances of the City of Fairfax and all applicable State vehicle laws shall apply to all park property. In addition, the following regulations shall apply: 
    1. Vehicular traffic and parking is only permitted on designated paved or graveled roadways and parking areas, except as otherwise specifically directed by a City employee. 
    2. All posted traffic signs will be observed. 
    3. No person shall change any vehicle parts or repair, grease or wash vehicles on any park property, except for emergency repair. 
    4. No vehicle shall be stored or remain overnight in any park or park parking lot. Vehicles will be towed at owners' expense.
  25. All fires within a park must be confined to safe cooking receptacles (grills).
  26. Open pit or surface fires are prohibited.
  27. Portable grills are allowed including propane.
  28. No person shall leave a fire unattended. No person shall leave a fire without having fully extinguished it.
  29. Policies may be established by Parks and Recreation Department to regulate play and specific use of parks and facilities.
Athletic Facilities
  1. Use is restricted to areas and times assigned in the approved permit.
  2. All organized play requires a permit issued by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  3. Organized play is defined as play by teams which are part of a youth group or team approved by the City of Fairfax.
  4. Scheduling priority and criteria will be determined by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  5. No seasonal and/or permanent signs, banners, pennants or the like may be placed in or on park facilities, structures or property without the written consent of the Parks and Recreation Department.
  6. Hitting, throwing, or kicking balls into fences is prohibited.
  7. Play on natural turf fields is prohibited during wet or inclement conditions.
  8. Climbing on buildings, backstops, dugouts, fences, goals, pavilions or any other park structure not intended for play is prohibited.
  9. Field closures shall be at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department.
  10. For patron safety, only coaches, game officials and players are allowed on playing fields. All others shall stay 15 feet from playing field.
  11. Synthetic Turf Fields 
    1. Smoking on or within 10 feet of any synthetic turf field is prohibited. 
    2. Metal cleats or any item that will puncture the synthetic turf is prohibited. 
    3. Fireworks on any synthetic turf fields are prohibited. 
    4. Fires or grills on or within 10 feet of any synthetic turf field, is prohibited. 
    5. Unauthorized vehicles on synthetic turf fields are prohibited.
  12. Failure to abide by limitations of use or sanctioning policies will forfeit the group's opportunity to use the field or facility or to be scheduled for use in the future.
Basketball Courts
  1. Climbing or hanging on equipment, nets or rims are prohibited.
  2. Courts are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, unless otherwise posted by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  1. Groups or individuals may reserve shelter facilities through the Parks and Recreation Department. Groups or individuals receiving authorization will be issued an official permit. The permit must be in possession when using the facility.
  2. Unless an official permit is presented by a group or individual, shelter facilities are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3. Permits for Pavilions are for the Pavilion only.
  4. Pavilion permits do not include the playing fields or other Park facilities.
Skate Park
  1. Skate Park is open from 9:00am to sunset.
  2. Skating is at the skater's own risk. The skate park is not directly supervised.
  3. The City is not liable for any accident or injury to person or property resulting from the use of the skate park.
  4. All Skaters must wear protective equipment including a strapped helmet, elbow and knee pads. Sandals and open toe shoes are prohibited.
  5. All Skaters in the Skate Park must wear shoes at all times.
  6. Bicycles, Scooters or Rollerblades are prohibited in the Skate Park.
  7. Be considerate of fellow skaters especially those who are younger and less skilled. Serious injury may result from being hit by a skateboard falling or colliding. The City of Fairfax does not assume responsibility for injuries.
  8. Graffiti, vandalism, swearing, smoking, the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs is prohibited in the Skate Park.
  9. Glass containers are prohibited in the Skate Park.
  10. Please keep the Skate Park looking beautiful. Dispose of all trash.
  11. Spectators are not allowed in the Skate Park.
  12. Anyone not using the Skate Park in a safe and acceptable manner or abusing the rules of the Skate Park will be removed and not permitted back without approval from the Parks and Recreation Department.
  13. Animals are not permitted in the Skate Park at any time.
Stafford Drive Park Playground Rules
  1. No bikes, skates, scooters or skate boards
  2. No cleats or shoes that will puncture the surface
  3. No pets allowed on playground surface
Tennis Courts
  1. Tennis courts shall be used only for tennis. All other sports are prohibited.
  2. All tennis courts are available on a first-come-first-serve basis; except when the City has scheduled events/classes.
  3. No permits shall be issued for weekends or after 5pm Monday through Friday.
  4. When others are waiting for a court, players shall confine their use of the court to one hour for singles play and one and one-half hours for doubles play.
  5. Only soft soled athletic type shoes shall be worn on the courts.
  6. Climbing on fences or nets is prohibited.
  7. Bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, and motorized vehicles are prohibited on the courts.
  1. Pedestrians have the right of way on trails unless otherwise noted.
  2. Trail use by groups of 10 persons or more and competitions require written approval from the Parks and Recreation Department.
  3. Trail users must stay on designated trails.
Preservation of Property and Wildlife
  1. No person shall abuse, damage or remove any live or dead vegetation, plant, plant material, tree or shrub from a park.
  2. No person shall kill, harm, frighten, net, trap, snare, hunt, or shoot any animal, bird or reptile in the park unless he has been issued on official permit to do so by the State of Virginia and has been granted written permission by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  3. No person shall abandon or leave any animal, reptile or bird at or in a park unless he has been granted written permission by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  4. No person shall construct, modify or make physical changes to the grounds or facilities in any park, unless he has been granted written permission by the Parks and Recreation Department.
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