Fairfax High School Stalnaker Field

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The turf replacement project which started on July 7th was successfully completed on August 7th. Here is a look at the new field.  

FHS Complete 

The field at Fairfax High School has come a long way since the beginning of July! Take a look at the picture taken on July 29th to see the successful progress. 

FHS 7-29-14

Photo 7/25/14, shows how much progress made on the field since July 7th.

FHS 7-23-2014 

Photo 7/21/14, shows the turf replacement. 

FHS -update- 7-21 

Project update photo  7/16/14 

FHS 7-16-2014 

Project update photo 7/14/14    

  FHS 7-14          

  Photo 7/8/14 shows turf replacement project



 FHS turf - before              

The synthetic turf on the Stalnaker Field at Fairfax High School will be replaced and the D-Areas will be redone with synthetic turf.  The project was completed in August 2014. 

Ten years ago when the current turf was installed, Stalnaker Field was the first field in all of Northern Virginia to have synthetic turf.  The life expectancy of the new turf on the field is 8 to 10 years and 10 to 20 years on the D-Areas. 

Fairfax Policy Youth Club and City of Fairfax School Board are contributing $20,000 per agency annually for the next 8 years totaling $320,000 for the project. The remaining amount is funded through the City of Fairfax Capital Budget.  

For more information about synthetic turf fields click here.