Financial Assistance Procedures

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City of Fairfax Parks and Recreation Financial Assistance

City of Fairfax’s goal is to have all government programs, services, classes and camps, and senior programs accessible to all residents.  While anyone and everyone are welcome to take our classes programs, only Fairfax City residents can qualify for fee reductions for classes and camps.  These discounts are available on a sliding scale based on household income.  Annual income verification is required. 

Please click here: Financial Assistance Application

QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS Program participation is limited to people who live in the Fairfax City ONLY. Qualification will be determined by household and proof of residency is required upon request. 

HOUSEHOLDS: All the persons who live in the same individual residence at a given time, that are listed as financially dependent on one another on income tax returns.

In order to apply for assistance, you must make an appointment.  Please call 703-385-7858 or email to make an appointment.