Full Time Employee Benefits

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Annual Leave

- 13 days annually (with fewer than 3 years of service)
- 19 1/2 days annually (with 3 - 14 years of service)
- 26 days annually (with 15 or more years of service)

During the first six months of employment, annual leave may not be used. The maximum amount of annual leave which may be accrued is 300 hours. Upon separation or retirement, payment is made on the basis of one day for each day of annual leave accrued up to a maximum of 300 hours, provided you have completed over six months continuous service.

Sick Leave

Full-time employees accrue sick leave on the basis of four hours for each two week pay period. There is no maximum on the amount of sick leave which may be accrued. Upon separation from City service, no payment will be made for unused sick leave. However, unused sick leave may be credited as service towards retirement at the rate of one month for every 173 hours earned once you have met the initial retirement service.

Family Medical Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 assists eligible employees in the care of newborn or newly adopted children and provides for absences to care for themselves, a child, a parent or a spouse faced with serious health conditions. Eligible employees are entitled to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during any 12 month period for certain purposes, as listed in the Fairfax City Code Section 66-13(g).


The City grants 10 1/2 holidays each calendar year. Holidays are:
 * New Year's Day  * Veterans Day
 * Martin Luther King, Jr. Day  * Thanksgiving Day
 * George Washington Day  * Fall Holiday (day after Thanksgiving)
 * Memorial Day  * Christmas Eve (1/2 day)
 * Independence Day  * Christmas Day
 * Labor Day  

Health Insurance 

The city offers group health insurance through Kaiser and Anthem. Both plans have dental insurance coverage included in the premium.

Full-time Employee (per paycheck) Cost:
   Individual  Dual  Family
 Kaiser/Dental HMO  $42.80  $141.40  $205.50
 Anthem/Delta Dental 
 Key Advantage 250
 $26.80   $115.40  $169.00
 Anthem/Delta Dental
Key Advantage (Expanded)
 $55.80  $168.90  $247.50


Dental Insurance 

Additional dental insurance is available through Dominion/Denticare. Under this plan you must choose a dentist from their lists.
   Individual  Dual  Family
   Biweekly  Biweekly  Biweekly
 Dominion/Denticare  $ 10.15  $18.95  $27.96


Mandatory participation in the City Retirement Plan and the Virginia Retirement System (VRS). Employees contribute 3% (7% for public safety) of their salary for the City plan. Employees contribute 5% to VRS.

Other Benefits 
  • Life insurance - Twice your annual salary up to a maximum of $200,000. No cost to employee.
  • Dependent Life Insurance - $1,000 coverage available for spouse and/or dependent children (amount varies for children under five); only $.29 per pay period regardless of number of dependents covered.
  • Short Term Accident and Sickness Insurance - Pays 60% of your base salary up to a maximum of $1,000 per week up to 26 weeks. No cost to employee. 
  • Long Term Disability Insurance - No cost to employee.
  • Worker's Compensation - To protect employees injured on the job; no cost to employee.
  • Deferred Compensation - A plan is offered through the City with the ICMA Retirement Corporation as the Administrator. Under Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code you may defer each year a maximum of 100 percent of your gross compensation or an annual dollar limit, whichever is less. The dollar limit for 2019 is $19,000.
  • Employee Assistance Program - No cost to employee.
  • Flexible Benefits - Pre-Tax benefits on certain expenses.
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program - For courses relating to job (when funding is available).
  • UBS (United Buying Service)

New Employee Process Includes:
  • Traffic Investigation, New Employee Orientation, Fingerprinting, and a One-Year Probationary Period.
  • After a conditional job offer is made: Criminal History Background Check and job related Physical Examination.

Effective: July 2019

* Independence Day