Message from Chief

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Dear Citizen:

The City of Fairfax Police Department has set high standards for the professional conduct of our employees and for the delivery of quality police services to our community. I welcome your participation in our continuing effort to maintain those standards and to meet your expectations. Should you desire to commend the conduct or performance of an officer or other employee, the form available on this website has been provided for your convenience.

Should you desire to make a formal complaint about poor performance or the conduct of an officer or employee, the information you provide on the form will assist us in investigating the incident. It is the policy of this Police Department that all complaints are thoroughly and fairly investigated, corrective action is taken when appropriate, and a written response is made to you as soon as possible, usually within 30 days.

You may also make an informal complaint to a field supervisor or commander. My supervisors will treat your complaint professionally. I encourage them to resolve minor complaints at their level of authority as expediently as possible, giving you, the citizen, the service you deserve. Every effort is made to resolve informal complaints quickly, correct any problems immediately, and provide you with a verbal or written response. If you are unsatisfied with the resolution of your informal complaint, you may make a formal complaint using this form or by contacting the Office of the Chief of Police.

Elsewhere on this website you can share a concern about any of the Police Department's policies, procedures or practices. In many circumstances the actions of police officers and other employees are governed by Department regulations which are intended to provide consistency, efficiency and fairness in the delivery of police services to both individual citizens and communities as a whole. If you feel that a particular policy should be reviewed, I will give your comments serious consideration and provide you with a response.

Regardless of how you choose to voice a commendation, a complaint or a concern, I welcome your active participation in our efforts to provide the highest quality of police services to the City of Fairfax.

Chief Carl Pardiny 
Chief of Police