Crash Reports

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Reports of automobile crashes that occur within the confines of the City of Fairfax are filed at the Police Department Records Section, which is located at:

3730 Old Lee Highway
Fairfax, Virginia 22030-1800
Business hours: Mon. - Fri. 08:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Telephone: 703.385.7950

A copy of a crash report may be released to:

  • Any person involved or injured in the crash.
  • Any person listed on the report as the owner of a vehicle involved in the crash.
  • An attorney for any person(s) involved or injured in the crash. The attorney must produce a letter or retainer from the individual they are representing.
  • An authorized representative of any insurance carrier that insured a vehicle or person involved in the crash. The representative must produce a letter, insurance claim or other evidence that they insure one or more parties in the crash.

Valid personal identification with photograph is required to obtain a copy of a crash report. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • A driver’s license with photograph
  • A military I.D. card
  • A Department of Motor Vehicle identification card
  • A Passport
  • A U.S. Government-issued identification.

Charges for copies of crash reports:

  • $5.00 charge for insurance companies and attorneys
  • Free for persons involved in the crash.

Crash reports are now online!

Online Accident Report As part of our participation in the CARFAX Police Crash Assistance program, all crash reports for the City of Fairfax Police Department are now available for purchase online. You’ll save a trip to the station, postage, or a phone call when you buy from our new online crash report distribution site. You can access crash reports right online, 24/7, by visiting

Depending on the length of the investigation or other circumstances, it may take two to five days for the crash report to reach the Police Records Section. To avoid an unnecessary trip, you may call to verify that the report is on file before responding to the Records Section. If you have a case number for the crash report you are requesting it will help to expedite the process.