Security Alarm Information

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Residential owners or tenants with home security alarm systems are not required by City Code to obtain a permit. Residents may obtain a permit at no charge if they wish to register their alarm system with the City.

Applications for a security alarm permit may be obtained in person from the City's Treasurer's Office in City Hall. Citizens may also request a form be mailed to them by calling the City Treasurer's Office at 703.385.7902 or email us.

Alarm systems that automatically dial the police (City of Fairfax Police Department or the Fairfax County Public Safety Communications Center) are prohibited by City Code.

All protected premises, whether residential or business, are subject to service charges for police responses to false alarms. False alarm service charges apply to the owner or tenant of any protected residential, commercial or industrial premises which has more than two false alarm responses for each calendar year. The service charges for false alarm responses are progressive:

  • 3rd false alarm response $100
  • 4th false alarm response $150
  • 5th false alarm response $200
  • 6th false alarm response $250
  • 7th false alarm response $300
  • 8th false alarm response $350
  • 9th and up false alarm response $500

Invoices for alarm service charges are prepared by the City Treasurer’s Office and are mailed out on a quarterly basis.

For more information, or for questions about alarm responses or service charges, please contact Lieutenant Michael Bartholme, at the Administrative Services Division of the Police Department, by calling 703.279.7958 or email.

The Police Department can confirm that officers did or did not respond to the false alarms listed on the invoice. A service charge may be waived if it can be substantially determined that the false alarm was due to a cause other than a fault in the alarm system or improper operation of the system. For example, it is likely a service charge would be waived if during an unusually severe storm flying debris broke a window. However, a service charge would not be waived for homeowner or employee error, pets setting off a motion detector, or poor system design or installation.

Permit Applications: