Community Appearance Committee

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The Community Appearance Committee (CAC) is the focal point for efforts to improve the appearance of the commercial, industrial, public, and residential areas of the city through voluntary effort. The Committee advises the city council and appropriate city agencies on matters relating to community appearance and beautification, and sponsors such programs as Adopt-a-Spot; Clean-Up Month; Residential, Commercial Appearance Awards; Keep America Beautiful; Neighborhood Appearance Grants and more...

 2019 CAC Meetings

1/24/2019 City Hall-Room 232 Agenda Meeting Minutes
2/28/2019 City Hall-Room 232 Agenda Meeting Minutes
3/28/2019 City Hall-Room 232 Agenda Meeting Minutes
4/25/2019 City Hall-Room 232 Agenda Meeting Minutes
5/23/2019 City Hall-Room 232 Agenda
6/27/2019 City Hall-Room 232
7/25/2019 City Hall-Room 232
9/26/2019 City Hall-Room 232
10/24/2019 City Hall-Room 232
12/5/2019 TBD



If you have questions or would like more information about the Community Appearance Committee, please contact the Staff Representative:

Heather Turley at 703-293-7141 for via e-mail at


The committee consist of ten members and one staff representative. The ten members are appointed by the City Council for a three year term.

Current Members:

James Rich (Chairman)

Mark Gauch (Vice-Chairman)

Robert Beaty (BAR Representative)

M'Ellen Alden (Garden Club Representative)

Val Morgan

Linda Hamerschlag

Thoria Hasson

Connie Weyant

Kathleen Paley

Vacant Position (1 available)