Community Appearance Committee

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What is the City of Fairfax Community Appearance Committee?

The Community Appearance Committee (CAC) is the focal point for efforts to improve the appearance of the commercial, industrial, public, and residential areas of the city through voluntary effort. The Committee advises the city council and appropriate city agencies on matters relating to community appearance and beautification, and sponsors such programs as Adopt-a-Spot; Clean-Up Month; Residential, Commercial, and Neighborhood Winter Appearance Awards; Keep America Beautiful and Tree City USA competitions, and more. . ..






I.          Authority


The authority of the City of Fairfax Community Appearance Committee is that established by the Code of The City of Fairfax Ordinance No. 1973-27 and most recently amended by Ordinance No. 2009-10 of May 12, 2009. This committee shall consist of ten (10) members and one (1) staff representative. The function of this committee will be to promote voluntary effort to improve the appearance of commercial and residential areas of the city and to advise the City Council and appropriate agencies on matters related to community appearance and beautification.


II.        Officers


Sec 201.          Chairman elected by majority vote of the members of the Committee.


Sec 202.          Vice Chairman elected by majority vote of the members of the Committee.


Sec 203.          In the absence of both Chairman and Vice Chairman, a Chairman Pro Tempore shall be elected to conduct business.


Sec 204.          Vacancies: Should the office of Chairman or Vice Chairman become vacant, the Committee shall elect a successor at the next regular meeting after the vacancy occurs. The term of such successor shall be for the unexpired term of the officer who vacated the office.


Sec 205.          A rotating chairmanship is recommended by the City Code and by these bylaws.


III.       Subcommittees


After authorization of subcommittees by a vote of the members, the Chairman may appoint persons as are necessary to properly conduct business of the Committee. Membership on such subcommittees shall be open unless otherwise voted by the Committee. Each subcommittee shall elect a chair who shall serve a term that coincides with the term of the Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman.


IV.       Meetings


Sec 401.          The Committee shall hold regular monthly meetings except for the months of August and November.


Sec 402.          A special meeting may be called by the Chairman or by request of at least three (3) members. If a special meeting is called, notification shall be at least three (3) days prior to the meeting.


Sec 403.          If a member fails to be present at two (2) consecutive meetings without notifying the Chairman, a valid written excuse shall be presented to the Chairman on or before the next regularly scheduled meeting. Each member shall notify the Chairman in advance if he will be unable to attend any meeting.


Sec 404.          If a member fails to attend a third consecutive meeting within his term without a valid excuse approved by the Chairman, the Committee shall vote on recommending his removal by the City Council. If a majority of the Committee votes in the affirmative, the matter will be forwarded to the City Council.


Sec 405.          Five (5) members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.


Sec 406.          The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order (revised) shall govern the Committee in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are consistent with the bylaws or public laws governing the Committee.


V.        Duties            


Sec. 501.         The duties of the Committee are those established by the Code of The City of Fairfax Ordinance and are stated in the Authority Portion of these bylaws.


Sec 502.          The duties of standing and ad hoc subcommittees shall be defined by the Chairman with the concurrence of the majority of members. Ad hoc subcommittees shall have an appropriate termination date not to exceed one (1) year.


Sec 503.          All business and correspondence of the Committee shall be authorized by the Chairman. If the Chairman so wishes, he may appoint/authorize a spokesperson to represent him at meetings on a particular issue. No member shall do so without such authorization and direction.


VI.       Records


Sec 601.          After approval, minutes for each meeting shall be signed and dated by the Chairman and retained in a minute book in the Public Information Office. Such minutes shall be retained indefinitely in accordance with state and local regulations.


VII.     Amendments and Revisions


These rules and bylaws may be amended or revised at any time by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the total membership and after reading of such proposed action at two (2) consecutive regular meetings. Copies of each proposed amendment or revision shall be circulated to all Committee members for their information and study at the time of the first reading.