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Apply for the Challenge . . .

The Adopt-a-Spot program invites you to apply for the challenge of keeping a specific site in your community clean and tidy.

. . . And the Community Will Know Who to Thank

It can be a spot of your choosing or of ours. And it can be for any period of time that's agreeable. But if you can keep your spot free of litter for as long as 2 years and recycle what you can, we'll make sure the community knows who to thank. We'll put up a sign with your name on it right there (at that spot). A sign that indicates you care. A sign that's fit to honor a neighborhood hero.

You Can Do It

You can be a lone adult or a member of a group. You can be a neighborhood business or one of the largest organizations in your community. All that's important is that you agree that litter is an eyesore. And you want to do your part to help.

We Can Help

For our part, we'll assist you in obtaining the work materials you'll need whenever you clean up your adopted spot. Just wear suitable clothes so you'll be comfortable.

Tips for Fun and Safety


Do wear an orange safety vest, if you are involved in a street cleanup, so you can be seen and identified with the cleanup team, and get noticed for all the right reasons.

Sure, this is a hands-on job, but not bare hands-on. Wear work gloves.

Do wear light or bright colored protective clothing, as well as hard-sole shoes and work gloves. Sandals or open-toe shoes should not be worn.

Use boots if your spot is a stream or creek area, or wear appropriate protective shoes. Then you'll be ready to put your best foot forward!

Work only in daylight hours and good weather to earn your place in the sun.

Do provide adult supervision for group members younger than 15 years of age.


Don’t horse around or do anything that will distract other volunteers.

Don’t participate in litter cleanups while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Don’t overexert yourself.

Don’t pick up litter on construction sites.

Don’t pick up hazardous materials.  Call the Hazardous Waste Hotline (1-800-552-2075).

Don’t pick up litter during peak traffic times, if the designated area is a street.

Don’t use power tools such as lawn mowers, tractors, chainsaws, etc.

For More Information . . .

Call 703-385-7995.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Community Appearance Committee Adopt-A-Spot Program:


To encourage citizens and businesses to participate in litter cleanup of a designated area in their community at regular intervals.


  1. All groups and/or individuals must be approved in advance by the City of Fairfax Department of Public Works, who in turn will sponsor them in the Adopt-a-Spot program.
  2. The area or spot requested for adoption by the group or individual must be approved in advance by the Department of Public Works whose representative will evaluate the spot for health, safety and other criteria.
  3. The group leader must be at least 18 years old.  Group members less than 15 years old must be supervised by an adult.  If an individual is adopting a spot, that individual must be at least 18 years old.
  4. It is recommended that groups be no larger than eight members.
  5. A spot must be adopted for a minimum of two years, with four cleanups per year.
  6. Each group must meet at least twice each year to review safety and other guidelines pertaining to the program.  All group members must have attended at least one such meeting a year in order to be able to participate.  Each group must keep a roster of all members and record meeting and cleanup dates as well as participants.  Individuals who adopt a spot will meet with the Adopt-a-Spot coordinator at least once a year to review guidelines.
  7. Participants will be encouraged to separate recyclable materials from non-recyclables.
  8. Groups and individuals must not collect hazardous materials.  If hazardous materials are found, the Department of Public Works or the Fire Department should be notified.
  9. A detailed activity report must be filed after each pickup.  Forms for this report will be supplied to each group or individual. Completed reports will be returned to the Adopt-a-Spot coordinator.
  10. Groups and individuals are encouraged to schedule one pickup in April, one pickup in October and two other pickups during the year, for a total of four pickups per year.  The Adopt-a-Spot coordinator should be advised in advance of scheduled pickup dates so as to coordinate refuse collection by the Department of Public Works.
  11. Participants must sign an Adopt-a-Spot agreement prior to approval for participation.  This agreement outlines the terms under which a group or individual may participate in the Adopt-a-Spot program and, further, indemnifies and saves harmless the City of Fairfax for responsibility, damage or liability arising from the exercise of privileges granted under the agreement.  The Department of Public Works reserves the right to terminate the agreement between the Adopt-a-Spot program and adopting groups or individuals when it is deemed that the participant’s work effort is considered unsafe or cleanups are not taking place.

Adopt-A-Spot Application Form Click here for the form

Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works will assist in the installation of Adopt-a-Spot signs, as well as in the disposal of trash and recyclable material from the adopted spot.

Adopt-a-Spot Coordinator  

  1. The coordinator, in conjunction with the Department of Public Works, will identify potential adoption spots within the city.  A list of areas deemed unsuitable for adoption due to safety or other concerns will be compiled and updated as necessary.  Those areas deemed unsuitable for adoption will be excluded from the program.
  2. The coordinator will request trash bags, safety vests and safety information from the Department of Public Works.  This will be distributed to the participants prior to the cleanup.
  3. The coordinator will monitor adopted areas and activities frequently to ensure compliance with safety and other guidelines.
  4. The coordinator, in conjunction with the City of Fairfax Community Relations Office, will publicize the Adopt-a-Spot program in the local media.
  5. The coordinator will compile information from completed activity reports supplied by the participants for an annual report to the Community Appearance Committee.

Suggested Adoption Sites

Given the volume of traffic in and around the city and the need to maintain safety during pickups, it is suggested that groups wishing to adopt a spot under this program limit the proposed site(s) to the following areas:

  • Community and/or subdivision secondary roads
  • City park
  • City school grounds

Business groups interested in adopting a spot may consider areas in and around the location of their business provided these spots are approved by the City of Fairfax Department of Public Works and the Adopt-a-Spot coordinator.

Spots proposed for adoption in areas other than those mentioned above will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Department of Public Works and the Adopt-a-Spot coordinator