Current Projects

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Chain Bridge Rd at Rust Curve Sidewalk Improvements

  • Scope: This is a proposed project to construct a new, continuous pedestrian facility on the west side of Chain Bridge Road between Old Town Fairfax and Rust Hill Place.
  • Construction estimated to begin Fall 2018/Winter 2019. 
 Gordon Residence Before 033015 reduced

Fairfax Blvd at Chain Bridge Rd Intersection (Northfax)

  • Scope: Provide road improvements on Chain Bridge Road (Route 123) from Route 29/50 (Fairfax Boulevard) to Eaton Place. Widen Chain Bridge Road (Route 123) to six lanes from Route 29/50 (Fairfax Boulevard) to Eaton Place. Improve the geometrics (lane alignments) of the roadway approaches for the intersection of Route 29/50 (Fairfax Boulevard) at Chain Bridge Road (Route 123). Improve pedestrian accommodations at all legs of the intersection. Make extensive culvert improvements to eliminate roadway flooding caused by the inadequate culvert under Route 123.
  • Construction estimated to be complete December 2018.
Northfax Intersection

George Snyder Trail

  • Scope: Proposed construction of a new trail along the southern side of Accotink Creek running east/west between Chain Bridge Road (Route 123) and Fairfax Boulevard (Route 50).
Snyder Trail Concept Plan

Government Center Parkway

  • Scope: This project will construct the missing link of Government Center Pkwy from Stevenson St to Jermantown Rd. Provide two eastbound thru Lanes to provide right and left turn lanes to Jermantown Road, as well as turn lanes to Stevenson St and the shopping center.
Government Center Pkwy Extension

Judicial Drive Trail

  • Scope: This project is the completion of the Judicial Drive Trail, which runs from Hallman St. to Judicial Drive. Currently, users exit must trail at Presbyterian Way and ride on private property before reconnecting to the City's trail. This project would complete the missing portion of the trail. 
 City of Fairfax Trails Map2017


Kamp Washington Intersection Improvements

  • Scope: Eliminate substandard horizontal geometry along Fairfax Boulevard/Main Street through the main intersection. Install signalization phasing changes to optimize operation at the Kamp Washington Intersection. Provide an additional southbound lane on U.S. Route 29 from Kamp Washington Intersection to the existing third southbound lane near Shell Station. Extend westbound through lanes on Main Street from Chestnut Street to Hallman Street.  Lengthen turn lanes to provide additional storage for turning vehicles. Improve pedestrian mobility with new crosswalks, curb ramps, sidewalks, and pedestrian signalization. Replace span-wire signals with mast arm signals.
  • Major construction completed in Summer 2018. 
  • Minor construction estimated to be complete in Fall 2018.

Kamp Washington



Northfax East/University Dr Extension

  • Scope: This project will construct an extension of University Dr from Fairfax Blvd to Eaton Place.
University Dr Extension

Old Lee Highway "Great Street" Conceptual Plan

  • Scope: The City recently completed a conceptual plan for Old Lee Highway between North Street and Fairfax Circle in the City of Fairfax.
  • More Information: Project Webpage


Roberts Road Sidewalk Improvements

  • Scope:This project includes the design and construction of curb, gutter and sidewalk on the west side of Burke Station Road between Main Street and Stoughton Road. This is a drainage and pedestrian improvements project.
  • Construction estimated to begin Summer 2018.
Roberts Rd

Stream Restoration Project Along an Unnamed Tributary of the Accotink Creek

  • Scope: Phase 1 & Phase 2 

Phase 1 - Approximately 600 linear feet of full restoration of the downstream section from the Chain Bridge Rd. bridge west along the Rustfield and Taba Cove neighborhood property lines.

Phase 2 -Approximately 1,300 linear feet of full restoration upstream from Phase I, west behind the residential homes located along Springmann Dr. and Center St., to Keith Ave.