Landscaping & Beautification

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The goal of the City’s beautification program is to provide an interesting, attractive, colorful, and award winning landscape throughout the city. Trees are planted on medians, road sides and public areas throughout the city. These trees are important for air quality as well as appearance. Different species of trees are planted to provide disease resistance and a variety of shapes. Shrubs are also planted on medians and at public buildings to soften the landscape, screen equipment and act as natural barriers. Annual and perennial flowers and grasses are planted spring and fall with a different look each year and season. The city’s beautification program has won several awards over the years including Keep America Beautiful, Keep Virginia Beautiful and Tree City USA.

Tree topping is the drastic removal, or cutting back, of large branches in mature trees, leaving large, open wounds that subject the tree to disease and decay. Topping causes immediate injury to the tree and ultimately results in early failure or death of the tree. Topping does not make a tree less susceptible to storm damage or invigorate a tree. Topping is not pruning. Pruning can reduce the size of a tree while maintaining it's natural shape, beauty and health. Protect your trees. Hire only competent, insured and certified tree care professionals. Certified professionals will not top a tree. To find a certified professional go to or if you call a tree service company ask if they have a certified arborist on staff.

If you would like to contribute to keeping your city green and clean, here are some points of contact and web sites you may be interested in.
  • To report overgrown lawns call 703-385-7830 or email, and to report trashy lots call 703-385-7837 or email.
  • To report other landscaping/beautification issues, contact Wayne Thomas or call 703-385-7838
  • For information on Spring clean up day and the adopt-a-spot program, contact Rob Goodman
  • Free Mulch
  • If you need help with tree limbs near power lines contact Virginia Power
  • For advice on selecting a tree company for pruning, feeding and general tree care contact the National Arborist Association
  • If you need assistance with lawn, garden or tree pests such as gypsy moth, contact the Virginia Department of Forestry