Commercial Recycling Ordinance

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Commercial Recycling Ordinance
All businesses in the City of Fairfax, no matter their size or number of employees, are required to implement a recycling program in the workplace and submit an annual report to the city regarding this program. This includes all those with a business license in the city, including home-based businesses and small businesses.
Click here to read the ordinance. For information, call 703-385-7995.

This initiative improves the percentage of recycled materials removed from the waste stream and more closely aligns the city’s requirements with those of other jurisdictions. Materials required to be recycled by for businesses are the same as for residents, including glass, plastics, aluminum, cardboard, office paper and telephone books. The ordinance contains a complete list.

The city requires businesses to submit an annual report that lists the types of materials recycled by the company and the estimated volume of each material. The city uses this in its own annual report required by the state. The only exception is home-based businesses located in residences that receive recycling collection from the city; as their recycling provider, the city submits that information with its own report.

The report is due from those who arrange the recycling service, whether that is a property manager or individual business owner. Reports are accepted January 1 through March 1 for recycling information pertaining to the previous calendar year. Click here to view or submit the report.

The information for the mandatory recycling report is provided by recycling collection vendors. Business owners who dispose of their own materials may estimate their recycling volume using guidelines to be posted on the city’s Web site.

Those launching new recycling programs may choose to augment service with their current refuse contractor. Businesses requesting this additional service from their trash hauler likely will be charged additional fees. Some businesses may find it advantageous to combine several accounts into one to save money.

Smaller businesses may decide carrying their small amounts of recycling to municipal drop-off sites will save them time and money. The city’s Recycling Center at 3410 Pickett Road provides drop-off of a plethora of materials, and is open all day, every day. However, business owners who wish to use the facility for business purposes must request permission to do so.

Home-based businesses may continue to include their recycling with the materials already collected from their home. They will be required to submit a report as well, and the city, as their recycling service provider, will provide information on recycling amounts for their reports.

The city is working with the business community on this program. Those for whom recycling would pose an undue hardship may request assistance from the city regarding compliance with the law; call 703-385-7995.