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The City's new 24-hour Composting Center is Open!  

Composting Center Location 10 04 2018 v2

Fairfax City has opened a new pilot 24-hour Composting Center at City Hall, adjacent to the Community Garden. Those who live and work in the city are invited to drop off food scraps in the composting carts at the center. 

Sign-up for composting news, tips, and for a chance to win a free kitchen compost caddy! The supply of free kitchen compost caddies is limited.  We will contact you if you have been selected to receive a free compost caddy by October 31st.  


FooCompostable_Bag_Example_2018_305pxd scraps must be placed in approved certified compostable bags Loose_Bag_NO_305pxbefore being dropped of at the Composting Center. Free certified compostable bags will be available at the Composting Center.  Compostable bags will usually be tinted green and will have the certified compostable logo(s) printed directly on the bag.  


What Materials can be Composted at the Composting Center?  

Please review the below compost guidelines and be sure to include only those items:

*Download print friendly Composting Center Acceptable Items Guide

Yes! Compost these items!

 No! Don't compost these items!