Multifamily Unit Services

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The City of Fairfax does NOT collect solid waste and recycling for residents that live in multifamily units (apartments and condominiums).  This page lists the minimum recycling requirements for residents. Your service provider may collect additional materials. Contact your collection company or property manager for specific instructions.

Please recycle the items below in your complex as directed by the property manager.

  • Paper & Cardboard

    • Newspaper & inserts

    • Cardboard boxes

    • Catalogs

    • Cereal & food boxes

  • Plastic Bottles, Jugs & Tubs

    • Milk, juice & soda bottles

    • Shampoo & conditioner bottles

    • Detergent & fabric softener bottles

  • Glass Jars & Bottles**

    • **The region has been facing challenges with respect to recycling glass. To ensure your glass will be recycled, please drop off your glass at the City's glass recycling center.  Click here to learn more!  
  • Metal

    • Aluminum food and beverage containers;

    • Ferrous (iron) cans;

All multifamily dwelling unit owners must provide a recycling system for their residents that conforms to the city requirements for such systems, and must provide residents with regular notifications.   Owners of multifamily dwelling units must provide each unit with notification regarding the use and participation in such system upon occupancy and at least once annually thereafter. Notification may be in the form of community newspapers or other outreach techniques.

For additional information call (703) 385-7837 or email