Single Family/Townhouse Services

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The City of Fairfax provides curbside collection of refuse/trash, recycling, brush, yard waste, loose leaves (seasonally), large items, and debris once a week for residents living in single-family homes and townhouses (see description of services below).  No call-in is necessary.  City of Fairfax residents are billed for these services through their annual tax assessment. 

To identify your collection day, enter your address in the Refuse and Recycling Route Finder.  

The City of Fairfax does not provide curbside collection on holidays observed by the city. Please see the Refuse and Recycling Holiday Schedule for details.

Residents are asked to place all containers and items for collection at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on collection day (and no earlier than dusk the previous day). Please avoid blocking fire hydrants, utility covers, storm drains, or sidewalks. Please remove containers from the street by 8 p.m. on collection day.

Weekly Curbside Services

Download the print-friendly Solid Waste Services Guide



Container & Disposal Instructions                      


recycling bin

Each household is required to recycle materials identified in the Recycling Guide

  • Leave recyclables loose in the recycling container so they can be easily sorted.
  • The City provides recycling bins upon request. E-mail or call (703) 385-7837.
  • Residents may use larger containers they supply themselves (up to 65 gallons) labeled “recycling.” If possible, please choose blue-colored containers.
  • More than one recycling container or bin can be used.

Refuse (Trash)

roller trash can

Routine household trash collection is provided for materials resulting from normal residential use and routine home maintenance.

  • See the Trash Guide for list of acceptable/unacceptable items.
  • Place trash in containers (up to 65 gallons) or plastic bags.

Brush and Stumps

Brush and Stumps

Brush includes limbs, branches and tree trunks (8 ft. or less).

  • Place piles of brush at the curb in an open area accessible to the crane truck. Do not place piles under power lines or trees, or close to shrubs, walls, or vehicles.
  • Large piles of brush may be placed at the curb at any time.

Yard Waste

yard waste

Yard waste includes cut grass, plant and shrub clippings, twigs, limbs, acorns, flower and garden vegetation from general yard maintenance

(4 ft. or less).

  • All yard waste must be placed in trash cans labeled "Yard Waste" or in paper bags.
  • Do not place piles of yard waste in the street. The City does not clean up piles of yard waste directly from the street.


leaf collection

Loose leaves are collected by vacuum suction trucks in April, November and December.

See Leaf Collection for schedule and additional information.

  • During leaf season, leaves must be raked or placed at the curb or street edge.  At all other times of the year, leaves must be disposed as "Yard Waste" (see instructions above).  Leaves in bags or trash cans will not be collected during leaf season.
  • See Leaf Collection for schedule and additional information.

Large Items and Household Appliances

large items and appliances

Materials and appliances too large to fit in a waste container, such as furniture, stoves, hot water heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, car parts, microwaves, storm doors/ windows, etc.
  • Place items behind the curb no more than 24 hours before collection day.
  • Place items away from parked vehicles, low hanging limbs and wires.
  • Remove doors from appliances for safety. 


construction debris

Large amounts of bulky material such as drywall, asphalt shingles, brick, metal, concrete, rocks, plate glass, and lumber (treated and untreated).     
  • Place large amounts of debris in separate piles at the curb. Small amounts of debris must be placed in trash cans weighing no more than 60 pounds.
  • Contractor waste will not be picked up.
  • Loose dirt is collected curbside by appointment only. Call (703) 385-7837 for details and/or to arrange a pick up.


* The City provides special refuse/recycling services for older adults and people with disabilities. Call (703) 385-7837 for information.       

* No single container should exceed 60 pounds in weight when full.

* Waste generated from work by a contractor must be removed by the contractor.