Trash Guide

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Routine household trash collection is provided for materials resulting from normal residential use and routine home maintenance. Place trash in containers (up to 65 gallons) or plastic bags. See below for list of acceptable items to put in your trash can for curbside collection.

What can I put in my trash can for curbside collection?



Normal household trash: Up to 60 pounds per container

Animal waste & diapers: Please bag to reduce odors

Building materials: Small amounts of debris must be placed in trash cans weighing no more than 60 pounds

Light bulbs: Incandescent bulbs only. No fluorescent tubes or compact fluorescent bulbs

Medical needles & sharps: Place needles in a thick plastic container with screw-on cap labeled "SHARPS"

Paint (empty, dry cans): Remove lid

Paint (latex/water based): Paint must be completely dried out and lid must be off

Sawdust, cold ashes, and loose packing materials: Must be secured in plastic bags. Ashes must be cold and bagged to prevent fires      


Ashes, hot

Hazardous waste: See Household Hazardous Waste Disposal instructions. 

Brush, yard waste and leaves: See Curbside Services for disposal instructions.  

Light bulbs (fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent bulbs): To reduce the release of mercury found in these bulbs, please dispose them as hazardous waste.  See Household Hazardous Waste Disposal instructions.   

Paint (oil based): Dispose as hazardous waste.  See Household Hazardous Waste Disposal instructions. 

Recyclables: All residents are required to recycle the materials listed in the Recycling Guide.

Solid waste from any work done by a contractor