Facilities Inspections

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Within the City of Fairfax, all private construction of utilities, parking lots, streets, roads, sidewalks, trails, and other public improvements required as a condition of site plan approval must be inspected and accepted by the City. Before beginning any work, the contractor must participate in a pre-construction conference with the City’s representatives. The property owner or developer is responsible for requesting inspections in accordance with the information contained on the approved site plan. The approved site plan must be followed and a copy kept on the job site at all times.

Contact Information:

To schedule pre-construction meetings or inspections, contact our Inspector's office at:

Phone: 703-385-7828
Email: PW-Inspectors@fairfaxva.gov

Erosion & Sediment Control Inspections:

Public Works conducts regular inspections to ensure that minimum standards for erosion and sediment control are met, and controls are placed per approved plans.

Any land disturbing activity that will exceed 2,500 square feet of disturbed area requires an erosion and sediment control and grading plan submission. Homeowners that will be conducting minor land disturbing activities for improvements to an existing property may be eligible for alternative submittals that do not require engineered plans. If you have a project that may exceed 2,500 square feet of disturbed area, please contact the Department of Community Development & Zoning at 703-385-7820 for plan submittal details.

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