What Children Can Do

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Students Can Make a Difference in the City of Fairfax

Students at Daniel’s Run Elementary helped the City of Fairfax create storm drain markers. First -graders all the way to fifth graders helped to contribute to the final storm drain marker than can now be seen all across the city.

What Children Can Do To Protect Our Water Resources

  • Clean up after your pets.
Pet waste that is not disposed of properly may wash into the nearby storm drains and into the local waterways. Dog waste adds harmful bacteria and nutrients to the streams that can be harmful to humans, pets and wildlife.

  • Never put anything down a storm drain (those big holes in the curbs).
Storm drains lead directly to the City's creeks and streams. Get your school, youth group or family to volunteer to place storm drain markers on storm drains in your neighborhood. The markers, designed by students at Daniels Run Elementary School, help to educate residents about the importance of not dumping anything down the storm drains. Contact the Special Projects Engineer at 703-385-7816 for more information on how you can help.

  • Report dumping activities.
If you see anyone dumping materials into the storm drain or stream, contact the City of Fairfax Fire Marshall at 703-385-7830 or the Police Department at 703-385-7924.
  • Don't litter!
This means that you should never throw any trash (like cups, paper, tissues and candy wrappers) on the ground. Ask your family members not to litter too. When it rains the litter washes down the storm drains to the city's streams where is degrades the quality of the water and can harm animals.
  • Compost or properly dispose of leaves and grass clippings.
Keep your leaves and grass clippings out of the streets so that they do not end up washing into the storm drain inlets.

Helpful Student Links: here are some ways to get involved starting today!

For More Information

Thank you for interest in helping the City of Fairfax protect our streams and the environment. If you would like additional information on the City’s storm water management programs or on how you can help, contact:

Satoshi Eto, Stormwater Resource Engineer 
City of Fairfax
Department of Public Works
10455 Armstrong Street
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Hours: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Weekdays