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Residential New Concrete Sidewalk Policy

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This policy covers the procedure for initiating and designating a project to install new residential concrete sidewalks.


This program provides for the construction of new sidewalks on existing residential streets that have no sidewalk facilities. Funding is provided entirely by the City of Fairfax.


New sidewalk projects on existing residential streets shall be classified as local sidewalk improvement projects. Sidewalk projects that have been requested by Fairfax County Public Schools, with the concurrence of the City of Fairfax School Board, and which are provided solely for the safety of children walking to school shall also be funded under this program.


A. General

Sidewalk projects that are deemed necessary for public safety and that promote pedestrian access for transportation and recreational use are installed at no cost to the abutting property owners. Related work such as curbs, gutters, storm sewers and stormwater structures shall be included in the scope of the project as deemed necessary by the City Engineer. Where new driveway entrances are needed, one standard driveway entrance will be provided for each property under the program and additional entrances may be provided at the full expense of the owner with the approval of the City. The cost of such additional entrances shall be paid to the City in advance of construction.

B. Initiation and Development of Projects

1. Prior to the development of the Capital Improvements Program, civic associations and other interested groups will be contacted and encouraged to submit projects for consideration.

2. Project needs may be presented to the City Council on the basis of citizen requests or petitions, staff recommendations, Fairfax County School Board requests, suggestions by members of the Council or other appropriate means. Requests may be transmitted in writing to the City Council or orally at City Council meetings.

3. Once identified, each project and its estimated cost shall be included in the proposed five-year Capital Improvements Program. Scheduling of proposed projects will be evaluated based on the following factors:

(a) Volume of traffic and the number of pedestrians using route.

(b) Relationship of route to schools, public transportation, parks and other public facilities.

(c) Use of route by children or the elderly.

(d) Facilitation of bicycle/trail routes.

4. If a project is included in the proposed five year Capital Improvements Program, all affected property owners, civic associations and citizens that requested projects, if different than abutting residents, shall be notified prior to the date of the first Planning Commission public hearing on the Capital Improvement Program. Affected property owners are defined as those whose properties abut the proposed sidewalk.

5. The City Council has the authority to make the decision as to whether a project is included in the adopted Capital Improvement Program.

6. The final action to provide project funding is conducted when the City Council adopts the annual budget.

7. Upon Council approval of funding for a project, the staff will proceed with the design of the project in sufficient detail to present a preliminary design concept to affected residents at a citizen meeting.

8. Following preliminary design and the citizen meeting, if there are no substantial differences from the original project, staff will proceed with final design.

C. Public Hearing

Prior to the award of a construction contract, an advertised public hearing will be held by the City Council and each affected property owner shall be given an opportunity to support or present objections to the proposed project. The public hearing shall be advertised as follows:

1. Each property owner affected shall be furnished a written notice of the hearing that shall contain a brief description of the proposed project.

2. Notices of the public hearing shall be published in a newspaper having general circulation in the City.

D. Approval and Construction of the Project

1. Upon approval of the City Council, a contract will be awarded for project construction.


To request a new sidewalk contact the city engineer at 703.246.6330 or email.