Paving and Concrete Replacement List FY 20-2021

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The paving and concrete replacement schedule is subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances:


Street From To
Pickett Road Barristers Keepe North City Line
Pickett Road Barristers Keepe Main St. S/B
Chain Bridge Road Fairfax Blvd. North St. S/B
Jermantown Road Fairfax Blvd. Lee Hwy
Plantation Pkwy Fairfax Blvd. Cul De Sac
Barlow Road Ashby Road Cul De Sac
Preservation Drive Old Reserve Way Cul De Sac
Old Reserve Way Shelly Krashnaw Lane Pickett Road
Early Woodland Place Schuerman House Drive Cul De Sac
Shelly Krashnaw Lane Pickett Road Schuerman House Drive
Schuerman House Drive Old Reserve Way Cul De Sac
Old Pickett Road Old Lee Hwy Pickett Road
West Drive Chain Bridge Road Dead End
Stonewall Ave. Main Street Stoughten Road
Ranger Road Plantation Pkwy East Dead End
Brigade Drive Atlanta Street Sherman Street
Atlanta Street Antietam Ave. Confederate Lane
Sherman Street Tecumseh Lane Confederate Lane
Ashby Road Haynesworth Place Dead End
School Street Chain Bridge Road Amnesty Place
Howerton Ave. Cobb Drive Perry Street
Mavis Court Morman Ave. Cul De Sac
Whitehead Street Chain Bridge Road University Drive
Forest Ave. Orchard Drive Dead End
Peterson Street Tedrich Blvd Carolyn Ave.
Judicial Drive Page Ave. Chain Bridge Road