CBR Bus & Ped Improvements

Chain Bridge Road Pedestrian and Bus Stop Improvements (Taba Cove to Warwick Ave)

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The City plans to request funding from VDOT to construct a new sidewalk and make bus stop improvements on the west side of Chain Bridge Road between Taba Cove and Warwick Avenue. If the City is awarded this funding, it would become available in 2026 and the project would be constructed in 2028 or 2029.

Project Description

This proposed project is construction of 1,850 linear feet of new sidewalk as well as improvements to bus stop facilities along the west side of Chain Bridge Road (Route 123) between Taba Cove and Warwick Ave. Upon completion, this project will provide complete and continuous pedestrian access and upgraded bus stop accommodations along Chain Bridge Road between two local Activity Centers (Old Town Fairfax to Northfax). Currently, there is no sidewalk along the majority of the west side of this busy corridor nor are there accessible or inviting bus stop amenities. The bus stops will be improved according to the City’s Bus Stop Design Guidelines. 

The City has developed a general concept plan that shows the approximate alignment of the proposed sidewalk.

This is not a detailed engineering plan; the detailed engineering and aesthetic details would be completed if/when the City receives the funding. The City does anticipate requiring easements from adjacent property owners for this project and will do its best to minimize that need. At this time, exact right of way needs are not known.  

This project is included in the City’s Two Year Transportation Program, which is a list of priority projects to pursue for funding consideration in the upcoming round of applications for outside transportation funding. This project was included in the Two Year Program as it advances many of the goals in the City’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan

Funding Application 

The City plans to submit this project for SmartScale funding consideration. SmartScale is a method of scoring transportation projects in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Projects are scored in the categories of safety, congestion mitigation, accessibility, environmental quality, economic development, and land use. Once the projects are scored they are then ranked and selected for funding by the Commonwealth Transportation Board. This is a highly competitive process and localities are not assured a minimum level of funding. For more information about the SmartScale process, click here. Funding applications are due on August 1. 

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