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Roadway Network Northfax West

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Project Description:

  • This project is the construction of a new north-south roadway between Fairfax Blvd/Farr Avenue and Orchard Street to create a grid network within the northwest quadrant of Fairfax Blvd/Chain Bridge Road (“Northfax”).
  • By providing an expanded grid within the Northfax area, the City seeks to reduce congestion at the Route 123/50/29 intersection, provide an expanded network for non-motorized traffic, and provide local access to existing commercial properties and future mixed-use redevelopment areas.
  • This project is a component of a larger set of Northfax Network Improvements, many of which are already underway.
  • The City has been awarded approximately $5M in Revenue Sharing funds from the Virginia Department of Transportation and $5M from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority.

Project Schedule:

  • TBD 


  • Fairfax Blvd/Farr Avenue intersection north to Orchard Street