Dockless Mobility

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The City of Fairfax has launched a pilot program allowing shared mobility devices (SMD), also known as “dockless” or “floating” bikeshare or scootershare, in Fairfax City. 

For more information click the Community or Vendor tabs below.

Companies will be invited to apply for a permit through the City of Fairfax Transportation Division. Once the permits are approved, they will be listed here. Companies who wish to be considered for the pilot program may click on the Vendor tab. 

If you have questions about the devices or customer service pertaining to the devices, please contact the company directly. The contact numbers for approved companies will be posted here.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about operating dockless bikes or e-scooters in the City.

Who may operate a dockless e-scooter or e-bike?

SMD vendors have their own rules, but many require renters to submit a driver license. Read the rental agreement carefully.

Are helmets required?

Children younger than 14 are required to wear a helmet when operating a bicycle. Children younger than 14 are not allowed to operate e-bikes or e-scooters.

People age 14 and older are not required to wear a helmet when operating a bicycle, e-bike, or e-scooter. However, helmets are encouraged. 

Where can I ride?
e-Scooter e-Bike Standard
Sidewalk NO NO NO
In the Road YES YES YES
Where can I park?

Great places to park your dockless bike or e-scooter include:

  1. Near existing bike racks
  2. On the edge of a sidewalk or curb, but be careful not to block a bus stop or a crosswalk

Please park your dockless bike or e-scooter away from the pedestrian right-of-way or vehicle traffic, and park the device upright by using the kickstand. Dockless devices should be parked away from driveways, garages, alleys, crosswalks, bike lanes, bus stops, ramps, private or federal property, and entrances to buildings. Refrain from leaning against buildings or vegetation.

If you find a dockless bike or e-scooter incorrectly parked, move it to a better location to help those who aren’t able. Alternatively, if you are unable to move a dockless bike/e-scooter, contact the company to have it removed. The company name and information are located on the dockless bike or e-scooter, and the company is required to move it within two hours of a report.

Private property owners

Businesses owners and property managers may establish parking areas for dockless devices. They also may restrict the interior of their buildings and garages from dockless bike or e-scooter parking and ask tenants to refrain from ending trips within the building. Private property owners and managers who find dockless devices on their property may move the devices to public areas, or call the rental company for removal.

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