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Parking Policies and Public Parking Resources 

Below is are links and information about parking policies and public parking resources in the city. Continue scrolling for more information about:

Map of Public Parking in Old Town Fairfax

Click the image below to open the map as a PDF.

Residential Permit Parking Districts (RPPD)

Residential permit parking districts (RPPDs) are designated and managed per the policy adopted in Chapter 98, Article IV, Division 3 of the City Code.

A summary of the policy and list of current RPPDs can be found on the RPPD webpage.

PARK(ing) Day in Fairfax

The City of Fairfax celebrated International PARK(ing) Day on Friday, September 20, 2019! 

What is PARK(ing) Day? It is an international event celebrated on the third Friday every September. Communities temporarily transform parking spaces into pop-up "parklets" and other public spaces, re-imagining how our public space can be used. For more information about the history and purpose of the event, visit the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) PARK(ing) Day website

In 2019, Fairfax City joined the fun! The Fairfax City Economic Development Authority organized PARK(ing) Day events at two locations. PARK(ing) Day also coincided with Try Transit Week, and CUE bus participated in PARK(ing) Day.  

Photos from the 2019 PARK(ing) Day in Fairfax:

ParkingDay2019_Jenga ParkingDay2019_FairCity ParkingDay2019_RainGarden ParkingDay2019_MainStMktpl