Residential New Concrete Sidewalk Policy

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The Residential New Concrete Sidewalk Policy:

1. Outlines how City of Fairfax residents may request a new residential concrete sidewalk.

2. Explains the evaluation criteria that the City of Fairfax will use to select which sidewalk projects will be recommended for programming as part of the annual budget process.

Citizens who wish to apply for a sidewalk on their street must complete the residential sidewalk petition and collect signatures from as many residences as possible on the block where a sidewalk is being requested.

For other questions or comments please call the Department of Public Works Transportation Division at (703)-385-7810 or email

Residential Sidewalk Policy

Residential New Concrete Sidewalk Policy Brochure

Petition Process
Citizens who want to apply for a residential sidewalk on their street must complete the residential sidewalk petition form and collect signatures from as many residences as possible on the block (on both sides of the street) where the sidewalk is being requested.

Requests must be made in writing and petitions must contain original signatures.
Evaluation Criteria

The City Considers the following criteria when evaluating and selecting potential projects: 

1. Neighborhood Connectivity 
  • Does this request improve access to trails & transit?
  • Does this request complete a missing link? 

2. Access to Destinations 
  • Does this request improve access to activity centers, commercial areas, schools, parks or other community destinations? 

3. Safety Considerations 
  • What is the average daily volume and speed of traffic on the road?
  • What is the width of the roadway?
  • Are there other pedestrian safety considerations? 

4. Resident Support 
  • How many residents on the block signed the petition?

5. Cost & Constructability 
  • Is there sufficient existing public right of way to build the sidewalk? 
  • Are there opportunities to coordinate the sidewalk project with other improvements? 
  • What is the overall cost to construct the new sidewalk?

The City of Fairfax will accept requests for new sidewalks on local, residential streets. These requests may be made by city citizens, staff, or elected or appointed Board members.
Timeline & Funding
Petition forms are due to the Transportation Division no later than September 1  to be considered for the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in the upcoming budget year.

If a project is included in the CIP, all affected residents will be notified before the date of the first Planning Commission public hearing. The final decision to provide sidewalk project funding is done when the City Council adopts the annual budget.

When City Council approves funding for a sidewalk project, City Staff will proceed with a preliminary design concept. This design concept will then be presented to the affected residents at a citizen meeting. City staff will proceed with final design following the citizen meeting.