Maintenance Responsibility

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Customers are responsible for service lines from the water meter into the internal plumbing of the building and for wastewater laterals from the building to the city street wastewater mains.

The City is responsible for the Wastewater Collection System only, and excludes laterals and their connections to the system.

When problems suspected to be originating in the city system occur, City maintenance should be called at 703-385-7810 or 703-385-7924 if after normal business hours. Notable, but unusual, examples of problems in the system are sewage back-ups through basement toilets. In such cases, please call the City first before employing the services of a private plumber.


 A member of the Wastewater System Services Division (WSSD) prepares to clean a local wastewater pipe using sophisticated equipment. The WSSD cleaned over 90 miles of piping last fiscal year to ensure unobstructed conveyance of wastewater for our customers.